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Peter Martelli, Executive Board

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Dr. Peter Martelli’s research focuses on organizational errors and the interdisciplinary application of models, such as High Reliability Organizing (HRO), to promote system safety and reliability. He has worked on various aspects of these issues both in healthcare settings and in other industries, including wildland fire and emergency response, oil exploration, and civil and industrial infrastructure. He serves as Co-Director of the Center for Catastrophic Risk Management at the University of California-Berkeley, where he has worked globally at the cutting-edge of HRO and strategic error management. Recent international projects include studies of sugar factories in Ethiopia, cardiovascular disease in Guinea-Conakry, surgical simulation in France, and several others. In 2021-22, Dr. Martelli will be a Fulbright U.S. Scholar to Georgia Republic, affiliated with Georgian American University. He is a recipient of both the Dean’s and the Graduate Student Association’s Teaching Awards, and serves on the Teaching Committee of the Academy of Management’s Healthcare Management Division.



Moussa Cisse: Founder and Executive Director

Moussa Cisse

Moussa Cisse, MPA/Community Health, is a physician from Guinea in West Africa. After his medical studies, he worked with UNICEF/Guinea to implement a nutrition health program for children with malnutrition. Moussa moved to the United States in 2010 with the hope of improving health services and infrastructure in his home country soon. In 2018, he conducted a study on cardiovascular health in Guinea with the collaboration of his mentor Peter Martelli to identify System Factors Related to Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Guinea-Conakry. In the same year, he founded the Cardiovascular Health Initiative (CHI) to support local health providers manage heart problems in Guinea. Moussa currently works as the Health Manager for the Child Development Council of Franklin County, Inc in Columbus, Ohio. Moussa Cisse has excellent admiration for education, leadership, and health promotion. His vision is to improve the health outcomes of populations in developing countries, especially in Guinea, through leadership, partnership, and collaboration.

Alisa Raymond: Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Alisa Raymond

Alisa currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) for Cardiovascular Health Initiative (CHI). Her role entails overseeing all strategic and operational programs. Alisa earned her Master’s in Public Administration from Suffolk University, emphasizing on public health policy. She works as a Research Associate at Analytic Insight (AI) in Lewiston, Maine. Alisa Is committed to health equity and is trained on how to use a trauma-informed approach. She is the co-author of the “Mental Health Response to the Boston Bombing – A Three Year Review,” published by the International Journal of Mental Health (March 2017), which entailed a deep look into the mental health aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing that took place in 2013.

Nafisah Olusekun: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Nafisah “Moni” Olusekun is CHI’s, Chief Financial Officer. Moni received her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health Sciences from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Nutrition from Northeastern University in Massachusetts. She currently works as a Program Analyst with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), where she helps develop policies and regulations for the Child Nutrition Programs. She also has a history of working in the Nutrition field as well as cardiovascular health. Moni has a strong interest in teaching the community how to improve their health and wellness through Nutrition. She believes that Nutrition plays a positive and significant role in healthier lives and is one of the answers to chronic disease prevention. She wishes to help teach preventative care in developing countries and help spread the knowledge to those in need.

Mary Kyeyune: Director of Project Management

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Mary Kyeyune is CHI’s Director of Project Management. She ensures the completion of projects promptly and within budget. Mary works with the CHI team members to develop a timeline, create schedules, and oversee progress to ensure common goals are met. Her specific duties may vary depending on the organization’s needs. In general, perform all duties incident to the Project Coordinator’s office and other tasks assigned by the Board of Directors. Mary currently works as a Transition Facilitator Coordinator at Mystic Valley Elder Services. Mary has witnessed firsthand the effects of a poor health care system, growing up in Uganda. She hopes for better healthcare delivery for underserved African communities.

Djeneba Kaba, Media Coordinator

Jolie Kaba

Djeneba “Jolie” Kaba is the Media Coordinator at CHI. Jolie is responsible for the promotion of the organization on different platforms. She designs and implements social media and internet-based promotional campaigns for the organization. 

Ansoumane Conde: Project Coordinator 


Dr. Ansoumane Conde is a physician in Guinea, responsible for consultations at the National Baptist Convention Center USA/Guinea. He also works as a medical doctor at the National Service of Occupational Health. Dr. Conde is currently the Project Coordinator of CHI in Guinea. He joined CHI to benefit from the experiences of other countries such as the USA in managing non-communicable diseases to reduce the rate of death related to these diseases in Guinea.

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